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Vehicle Drop Off

Have you scheduled a vehicle with us for repairs? 

Please fill out the Direction to Pay, Contact & Damage Form, and Pre-existing Damage Form that is attached below. On the scheduled drop off date, please bring the documents listed, along with any insurance paperwork if applicable. You may drop off your vehicle from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. If our business hours do not work for you, and you would like to drop off your vehicle prior to your scheduled appointment date, please fill out the documents and follow the instructions below for Early Drop Off. 

Direction to Pay

Contact & Damage 


Paperwork Directions:

Direction to Pay: 

- Sign and date the bottom of the direction to pay. Please leave the amount line empty in case of a supplement.

Contact & Damage Form and Pre-Existing Damage Form:

- This document contains both the Contact & Damage form and the Pre-Existing Damage Form. 

- Fill out all the personal contact information and highlighted areas. 

- Sign and date the bottom of the Pre-Existing Form. 

Early Drop Off:

Do you have an appointment and can't drop off your vehicle during our business hours? 

Drop your vehicle off and leave the keys in an envelope with the forms listed below place them into our key drop off next to our front door.

  1.  Early Drop Off

  2.  Authorization Form

  3.  Insurance paperwork (if applicable)

Early Drop Off
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